Since 2017, the annual Cape Town Baroque Festival (CTBF), presented by Camerata Tinta Barocca, has been a highlight in the Cape Town music scene.

The aims of the festival are to:

  • bring together early musicians from across South Africa in order to facilitate a creative exchange between local practitioners of a Historically Informed Performance approach
  • offer high-quality performances of a variety of early repertoires to audiences from Cape Town and surrounds
  • create a platform where internationally acclaimed early music performers can share their craft with local musicians and audiences
  • focus on skill transferal to young South African players and singers through the educational aspect of the festival

Customary, the CTBF takes place over Heritage Weekend. The 2019 dates will be 18-24 September.

Click here to read the Artistic Report of the 2018 festival.


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To keep up to date with developments, please follow Camerata Tinta Barocca’s Facebook page or email us at cameratatintabarocca@gmail.com.


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